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The ExOne S-Max® Flex is an affordable and easy-to-use robotic additive manufacturing system that foundries use to 3D print large and complex sand molds and cores for metalcasting. (Photo: Business Wire)

Desktop Metal Introduces the All-New S-Max® Flex, a Robotic Additive Manufacturing 2.0 System that Makes Sand 3D Printing Affordable to Foundries Worldwide

Desktop Metal (NYSE: DM) today announced the launch of the ExOne S-Max® Flex, a scalable, large-format binder jetting system that...

GRATZ Engineering GmbH: Rapid Casting As A Low-Cost Alternative To Metal Printing: How It Works!

One layer ahead with Binder Jetting 3D printing: automotive supplier GRATZ Engineering GmbH shows how it's done. By integrating sand...