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Additive Manufacturing Industry News | Week 04 | 2023

The round up of last weeks additive manufacturing news includes partnership between Shree Rapid Technologies and API Metrology; joining of...
The printhead consists of four ink cartridges, each of which can contain different materials. The inks are then fed through a complex nozzle that allows multiple materials to be printed simultaneously.

Harvard University Researchers Developed a Rotational Multimaterial 3D Printing Method for Creating Helical Filaments

Rotational multimaterial printing of helical filaments for soft robotics and structural composites Materials in nature are rarely straight. In our...
A complete hybrid 3D-printed device flexes and conforms to the body’s shape. Credit: Alex Valentine, Lori K. Sanders, and Jennifer Lewis / Harvard University

Researchers at Harvard University develop Low-cost wearables manufactured by hybrid 3D printing

New method developed by researchers Wyss Institute at Harvard University of  combines precision printing of stretchable conductive inks with pick-and-place...

3D bioprinted proximal tubules mimic human kidney functions

Wyss Institute Core Faculty member Jennifer Lewis, Sc.D. is leading some of the most advanced and yet very real progress...

Researchers 3D Print a New Variety of Zinc Ion Battery Shapes for Wearable Devices

Credit: www.3dprint.com With the development of flexible wearable devices comes the need for new battery shapes, as most batteries are...