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Sakuu Corporation announces that since December 2022 it has successfully and consistently 3D printed fully functional performant batteries in custom shapes and sizes — pictured here. (Photo: Business Wire)

Sakuu Announces Successful 3D Printing of Fully Functional High-Performance Patterned Batteries

Sakuu Corporation (“Sakuu”), a transformative additive manufacturing and solid-state battery company, and inventor of the disruptive Kavian™ platform solution for the...

Sakuu Selects Porsche Consulting for Design of Commercial-Scale Battery Manufacturing Plants

Porsche Consulting to design Sakuu’s first-of-its-kind additive manufacturing gigafactory for commercial production of 3D printed lithium-metal and solid-state batteries Sakuu,...
Schematic illustration of the fabrication process of 3D printed LMBs (Image by MA Jiaxin and ZHENG Shuanghao)

Scientists Develop All-3D-Printed Lithium Metal Batteries with High Energy Density

A research team led by Prof. WU Zhong-Shuai from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences...

Ricoh Customer Experience Centre in the UK expands, as the company looks to put an emphasis on co-creation

Ricoh Company, Ltd. will expand its Customer Experience Centre (CEC) in Telford, the UK, on November 7 to accelerate co-creation...