3D Printing in Healthcare

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Invibio Biomaterial's Peek-Optima AM Filament

Invibio launches implantable polyetheretherketone filament

Invibio Biomaterial Solutions launched PEEK-OPTIMA AM Filament, an implantable PEEK polymer that is optimized for additive manufacturing. This makes available...
USF 3d printed swab Nasal

USF wins Patents for Humanity award for 3D-printed nasal swab

The University of South Florida received the Patents for Humanity award for its patent of a 3D-printed nasopharyngeal swab. Developers...

Heat Treatment to Improve Patient-Specific Implants Manufactured Using Metal AM

The article discuses about innovative heat treatment used by researchers at IISC to transform martensitic microstructure of Ti-6Al-4V into a...
3D-printing of micro-environments

New 3D-Printing Material and Fastest High Precision Printer Create Human Body-Like Micro-Environment

A novel material for 2PP 3D-printing will contribute to a game changing innovation in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) market....
Ntopology: Accelerating Development of patient-specific implants through Design Automation

Ntopology: Accelerating Development Of Patient-Specific Implants Through Design Automation

One of the most important factors to influence design decisions during the process of development of medical devices is the...
Materialise Introduces VR Capabilities for Medical Planning

Materialise Introduces VR Capabilities for Medical Planning

Interactive VR models complement 3D printing as a faster, low-cost solution for remote planning and collaboration Materialise NV , a...