You can now 3D-print your Wordle score

This small plaque will show everyone your big brain. 

Kriswillcode at PrusaPrinters

This small plaque will show everyone your big brain. Kriswillcode at PrusaPrinters

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Wordle is an popular game for vocabulary building Wordle Score can now be 3D printed. The article share more information about it.

How can you print and what will you need? 

If there’s one thing 3D printers are good for, it’s creating ridiculous objects that reflect current trends. Wordle is a popular online word game. A user of Prusa Printers, a 3D model repository, has used a 3D printer to bring the social aspect of the game into the physical world. You can slip your score on a lanyard and wear it for all to see if you download kriswillcode’s model and print the required pieces.

If you’ve been avoiding social media for the past few months, posting your daily Wordle score on Twitter or Facebook has become a social event. My timelines, like the rest of the world’s, are clogged with friends tweeting about how difficult or easy the day’s word was for them while avoiding spoiling it for others.

You can print this in any material you have on hand, though yellow, green, and black filament would be best if you want it to be accurate. Only one of each of the two main parts — the front and back — will print flat on the build plate. However, if you want to accurately depict your Wordle score, you’ll need to print a collection of the cubes.

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