WAAM3D announces RoboWAAM Advanced sales to Aichi Sangyo

WAAM3D RoboWAAM Advanced printer

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WAAM3D, a company founded by a research team from Cranfield University, has sold a RoboWAAM Advanced to Aichi Sangyo, Japan.

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This is the sixteenth deposition system sold by WAAM3D since 2020, reaching as many as eight countries globally. Aichi Sangyo is a leading industrial solution provider for metal processing industries in Japan.

Dr Filomeno Martina, CEO and co-founder of WAAM3D commented: “We have been developing this relationship with Aichi Sangyo for many years now. As we look towards Japan as a country with great potential across industries of key interest to WAAM3D, we take our partnership one step further, extending our global reach, and creating capacity locally.”


Hirotaka Inoue, president of Aichi Sangyo added: “We are committed to continuing technology and process development too. Recently, counter measures against labour shortages, improvement in production efficiency, and reduction of environmental footprint are becoming important issues in the Japanese market. This is why we started communicating with Cranfield University and WAAM3D, and have been deepening our alliance over the years. I believe it is now the right time to introduce RoboWAAM to Japan. Together we intend to contribute to the brighter future of the industries with this technology.”

WAAM3D already has a presence in South-East Asia (SEA), via Addept3D – a joint-venture company established between WAAM3D and Accuron Technologies Limited. Addept3D is promoting the WAAM process via marketing, business development, consultancy, partner development and technical services in SEA, also providing WAAM solutions of different applications and first-right-part building services. Crucially, Addept3D is capable of end-use parts production services and collaborating with research institutes and customers for research and development projects.

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