Titomic & Shree Rapid Technologies To Grow The AM Market In India


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Titomic & Shree Rapid Technologies (SRT) recently announced they have entered into a relationship to market and sell Titomic’s Kinetic Fusion® (TKF) capabilities in Indian manufacturing industries.

The two companies have signed an agreement whereby SRT will use its extensive sales and marketing reach as well as industry and market expertise in India to promote Titomic’s TKF technology.

Established in 2007, SRT has become the premier supplier of additive manufacturing technology in India, with global brands as the principal partners, SRT has established itself as the enablers of 3D printing in India. With this new relationship, SRT moves a step closer to its goal of becoming an end-to-end additive manufacturing
workflow supplier to the manufacturing industry.

SRT’s agreement with Titomic will enable products manufactured with TKF technology to meet stringent military requirements, including performance in temperature extremes, robustness, and durability under very demanding operating environments. It will fill an important performance gap in the Indian additive manufacturing sector overcoming the current 3D printing production process and materials limitations.

Norbert Schulze, Interim CEO of Titomic commented: “We are excited about the possibility to enter the hightech Indian market with our TKF technology through SRT. Banking on their experience in the market and the successes of SRT in India makes us optimistic that the relationship is another important step in spreading TKF technology across the globe for the benefit of our customers.”

Nitin Chaudhari, Partner of SRT commented: “Titomic is a leading company with proven reliability in metal additive manufacturing so, having them on board with us, is of great advantage to boost our aim of being the sole provider of end-to-end solutions in the Indian additive manufacturing industry.”

More information on this partnership, right here!

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