TechNova Now Offering 3D Printing Technology For the First Time Through Partnership with Markforged

Technova Markforged partnership for 3d printing

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One of the world’s leading suppliers of state-of-the-art solutions to the printing industry, TechNova Imaging Systems announced an alliance with U.S.-based Markforged, the creator of The Digital Forge, the integrated metal and carbon fiber industrial 3D printing platform.

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Markforged offers an end-to-end 3D printing platform, with its 3D printers, cloud-based software and a wide range of proprietary, manufacturing-ready materials. The Markforged solution helps manufacturers solve problems at the point of need by bringing mini-factories directly to the floor, shifting to digital inventory. Companies around the world use Markforged’s solution, The Digital Forge, in industries like aerospace, industrial automation, space exploration, military & defence and automotive to deliver mission-critical, end-use parts on demand at the point of need.

In today’s global market, this best-in-class additive manufacturing solution will empower Indian manufacturers and designers to rapidly bring composite and metal parts to market that are strong, lighter than metal, easy to implement and operate, backed up by uncompromising service and support.

Mr. CG Ramakrishnan, CEO TechNova Imaging System says “There is now a real shift in the industry from prototyping to small scale production. With Markforged’s Digital Forge, Indian manufacturers will have unprecedented access to both ground-breaking technology and essential fundamental infrastructure. This will enable them to produce affordable, strong parts in a range of exciting new materials while accelerating their speed-to-market and reducing inventory cost, spares management and long lead times.”

Amit Khurana, COO of TechNova’s Digital & Offset Print Solutions Business group & head of the TechNova-Markforged alliance, says “India is standing on the cusp of Industrial revolution 4.0. With more than 250,000 manufacturing sites available in India, the time is now ripe for taking a leap from subtractive to additive manufacturing”.

Shelina Parikh, Joint Managing Director TechNova adds, “Markforged, with their approachable and easy-to-use product portfolio, and TechNova, with its market reach and five decades of presence in Indian manufacturing, will work together  to transform the market and take the Indian 3D printing industry to the next level”

Ved Narayan, President, APAC, Markforged, said, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with TechNova Imaging System to provide Indian manufacturers with the essential tools to unlock their manufacturing potential and help build the factories of the future. Our additive technology can solve critical manufacturing applications, and we are looking forward to spearheading improvement across India’s manufacturing landscape. TechNova Imaging Systems has the experience, skills and ecosystem to help Markforged provide unprecedented levels of access and support to the world’s leading manufacturing providers.”

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About TechNova

TechNova is one of the world’s largest suppliers of print solutions. TechNova’s innovative and world-class products cater to a wide range of industries, such as Commercial & Newspaper Printing, Publishing, Packaging, Signage, Photo, Textile, Engineering & Medical Imaging.

TechNova’s name is derived from the words “technology” and “innovation”, and it is these two tenets that form TechNova’s core mission. Globally recognised as a pioneer, TechNova has introduced several breakthrough technologies and innovative products that have transformed various print processes and created new markets.

With its wide distribution and logistics network in India, TechNova’s products & services are used by every printer in the country. In addition to its leadership position in India, TechNova markets its products to over 60 countries through its international offices and distribution network.

Uniting all of TechNova’s businesses is its value system – a strict code of ethics, commitment to excellence, business conduct based on honesty, fairness & mutual trust, and a “Customer First” philosophy.

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