Rennscot moves into metal Additive Manufacturing with EOS M 300-4

Rennscot MFG acquires EOS M-300

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Rennscot MFG, Massachusetts, USA, has made its debut in the metal Additive Manufacturing sector by acquiring its first metal Additive Manufacturing machine from EOS, the EOS M 300-4.

“After visiting EOS’ facilities in Germany, it was clear that an EOS machine was the right choice for us,” said David Bamforth, Rennscot MFG president and CEO. “This technology allows us to create complicated parts that couldn’t be produced using traditional manufacturing methods. Not to mention, this technology allows our customers to have a single source for highly complex additive parts that may also require post-machining.”

In addition to Rennscott MFG’s new venture into metal Additive Manufacturing, EOS also announced the company as the newest member of its Service Provider network. “We are pleased to welcome Rennscot MFG to the EOS additive manufacturing service provider network,” Andrew Snow, EOS North America senior vice president added. “Our network is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, high-quality 3D printing services to a wide range of industries, and we are confident that Rennscot MFG will be a valuable addition to our team.”

Rennscot MFG plans to continue developing its advanced manufacturing capabilities at its new Woburn, Massachusetts, facility, with room to grow further as business demands continue. Rennscot MFG intends to manufacture a variety of industrial applications using EOS Aluminum AlSi10Mg, EOS Nickel Alloy IN625, EOS Nickel Alloy IN718, and EOS Titanium Ti64 with the possibility to expand its material portfolio in the future.

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