PrinterPrezz Expands Global Footprint into the Asia-Pacific Market by partnering with NAMIC


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PrinterPrezz Signs agreement with the Singapore Healthcare Clusters and the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) to grow the 3D printed implant market in the region

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PrinterPrezz, Inc., an industry leader in combining polymer and metal 3D printing, nanotechnologies, and surgical expertise to design and manufacture next-generation medical devices, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore collaboration opportunities for the development of 3D printed medical implants in Singapore.

Working with the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), PrinterPrezz entered into an agreement with the three national healthcare cluster groups, Singapore Health Services (SingHealth), National Healthcare Group (NHG), and National University Health System (NUHS). The agreement is intended to expand the development and adoption of implantable products leveraging its expertise in Additive Manufacturing and nanotechnologies for the healthcare sector.

Under the terms of the agreement, the parties will explore areas of collaboration in the design and development of 3D printed implantable products; R&D in musculoskeletal areas and Orthopaedics, and venture creation models in new emerging areas; and exploration of additive and advanced manufacturing processes and technologies in emerging industry sectors.

PrinterPrezz is accelerating its global expansion into the Asia-Pacific region by establishing a design and innovation team in Singapore. The company receives strong support from the Singapore government and industry, who have placed a strong emphasis on investing in advanced manufacturing technologies and capabilities to progress industry growth, including the healthcare vertical.

Shri Shetty, Founder and CEO of PrinterPrezz, said: “We have had a collaborative relationship with NAMIC since 2019 and are now in a position to expand our innovation activities and outreach to the clinical community by establishing a strong presence on the ground in Singapore. This will allow us to grow in the region from a solid base of support from the Singapore government, who understand the importance of advanced manufacturing technology and its impact on medical science.”

Professor Benjamin Seet, Deputy Group CEO (Education and Research), NHG, said, “Additive manufacturing brings us into the age of precision surgery. It is already used for patient education, surgical planning, and intra-operative guides. In the next wave, we will see customized implants, prostheses, and bioprinted devices. All these will result in better patient outcomes.”

Professor Chng Wee Joo, Group Director of Research NUHS, said, “NUHS and NUS have worked with PrinterPrezz for a few years, especially in the area of spinal implants. We are excited about the impact this continued partnership will have on patients’ lives.”

Professor Kenneth Kwek, Deputy Group CEO, Innovation & Informatics, SingHealth, said: “Changing population demographics and evolving healthcare needs emphasize the critical role of innovation and new technologies to improve clinical care and treatment outcomes as well as enhancing the overall experience for patients and their families. 3D printing has been a game-changing technology for healthcare. Our clinical teams have been leveraging 3D printing for preoperative planning and the design and manufacture of medical devices, implants, and surgical tools across diverse specialties such as cardiology, oral health, orthopaedics, and radiology. SingHealth is proud to be part of this partnership with PrinterPrezz and NAMIC to explore applications for 3D printing in more clinical areas and develop innovative solutions that will directly benefit our patients.”

Ho Chaw Sing, co-founder and CEO of NAMIC said: “With increased life expectancy, new treatment modalities will need to emerge to meet unique patient needs. We are pleased that PrinterPrezz has chosen Singapore and excited about what this expanded collaboration will bring – a close working relationship with our clinicians to realize the best ideas from napkin sketch to regulatory approval, positioning Singapore as a market leader in cost-effective patient-specific medical devices in Asia.”

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