Omni3D company presents new machines at the trade fair 3D Solutions in Poland

The first half of June for Omni3D means 3D Solutions fair during where the premiere of two printer models took place: Omni 500 Lite and Omni Factory 2.0 Net. June also marks a participation in the AutoEvent conference.
3D Solutions fair from 4th to 7th June is one of the most important events for the 3D printing industry in Poland, so Omni3D had to be present. This is an obligatory mark in the calendars of companies seeking innovation and optimized solutions fit for the fourth industrial revolution.

The fair is hosted by world-class exhibitors, professionals in the field of production automation, metallurgy and metalworking. In the place where innovation leaders meet, Omni3D presented pre-release of two models: Omni 500 Lite and Omni Factory 2.0 Net. One of their advantages is the ability to remotely manage the printer and control print progress.


The first model is intended for customers who require simple and fast machine operation while maintaining industrial standards. This is ideal for companies that use 3D printing a few times a month. On the other hand, the second device – Omni Factory 2.0 is recommended to clients expecting a high standard of managing the printing process and working on demanding materials. This model has been equipped with remote viewing via the camera, which allows you to observe the progress of printing, as well as the connection of LAN and Wifi. What's
more, the device is almost silent during operation, and changes in the mechatronic and programming elements make it possible to meet the requirements specified in the ISO 2768 standard and the claim to be among the most precise devices on the market. – Paweł Robak, CEO of Omni3D.

3D Solutions was not the only event this month. From June 12th to 14th, the largest annual meeting of representatives of automotive sector companies took place, namely the AutoEvent conference. It has been organized annually since 2005 and dedicated to the automotive and related industries, including companies dealing in the production and supply of materials and products, machines, devices, tools, robots, automation and software for the industry. Thanks to Omni3D's help, Kordian Mańkowski, a graduate of the University of Arts in Poznań,
presented his adaptative futuristic vehicle, which aroused great interest, and the designer himself showed that the design knows no borders.


The Adaptive Vehicle looks futuristic among other vehicles on the streets today. It is distinguished by the ability to adapt the car to two driving modes, urban and extra-urban.

Depending on the mode, the functionality of the car, the type of drive, the wheel base, the total length, the center of gravity and the turning radius change. In the extra-urban (sports) mode, the car powered by an internal combustion engine is able to reach speeds of up to 150 km/h. While driving in the city, it is powered by an electric engine and accelerates up to 50 km/h. In urban mode, part of the energy powering the vehicle is obtained from the braking
energy that goes to the batteries. – Artur Adamczak, press spokesman of the University of Arts in Poznań.