Objectify expands their fleet of Additive manufacturing systems

Objectify expands their fleet of Additive manufacturing systems

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Objectify has purchased a new selective laser sintering (SLS) system that promises enhanced capacity for a growing client base. The announcement follows on Objectify Technology’s recent introduction of new SLS Flexible material, a new shot peening finishing service and new color options. The new machines are part of the company’s expansion plan.

Objectify Technology is an established high volume additive production company that uses Powder Bed Fusion(PBF) printing systems to create polymer objects. The company focuses on the manufacturing space between prototyping and injection molding, where volumes are notoriously too low to profitably run injection molds. The company can scale its production runs from a single unit to tens of thousands of parts.

The company plans to increase its fleet of EOS selective laser sintering systems to increase its market share. The company has now completed the installation of EOS Formiga P396 machines at the Delhi, Patparganj manufacturing plant. Objectify Technology already operates two Formiga P110 and P396 SLS machines. These latest additions bring the company’s machine count to a total of 3.

The P396 systems enhance Objectify Technology’s client offering because the systems operate a more powerful laser. This laser reduces energy consumption by up to 38%—a huge potential saving in a country.

The additional lasers also take the strain off each laser in the array, which allows Objectify Technology to lessen downtime between builds. The improved array ultimately benefits clients through faster turnaround times without compromising the quality of the build.

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