Obayashi Corporation constructed Japan’s largest 3D printed shell-like bench


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Obayashi Corporation has constructed a shell-like bench (7m-wide, 5m-deep, and 2.5m-high) composed of curved surfaces only, without using steel bars and formwork, by a 3D printer with cement-based materials at its Technical Research Institute in Kiyose, Tokyo. This is one of the largest 3D printed structures in Japan.

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First, special mortar is continuously extruded from a nozzle attached to a large robotic arm and laminated at 3cm-wide and 5mm-thick to produce a frame to replace the formwork. Next, the UFC (Ultra-High-Strength Fiber-Reinforced Concrete) called “SLIM-Crete®”, which does not require rebar reinforcement, is poured into the frame to integrate into a piece. Watch the video to see how the shell-like bench with a complex shape, yet high strength and light weight, was completed.

Obayashi Corporation will continue to develop new technologies to increase the freedom and possibilities of design and to provide society with buildings that can be used safely and securely.

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