Mixed Dimension announces a licensing deal with Ubisoft

Mixed Dimensions, the company develops solutions for 3D printing industry, has entered into a licensing deal with major game developer Ubisoft, in order to offer players the ability to bring their digital gaming creations into existence in the real world.

Ubisoft is a major video game company that has more than three decades of expertise. With its headquarters in France and consistent worldwide growth, it is known for creating acclaimed video games such as Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy,s, Watch Dogs and Rayman among others.

Mixed Dimensions has been working since 2009 to offer a software platform that connects the virtual and the physical world together by bringing the possibility of getting any 3D file fixed and ready for 3D printing. They do this through online tools, partnerships and plugins.

Under the agreement, Ubisoft will now have the ability to uniquely offer its users fully customized and personalized 3D printed versions of the famous characters from its games.  Users will be able to purchase characters through gaming partner eCommerce stores and directly through Mixed Dimensions in the future.

“We are excited to offer our innovative 3D printing service to Ubisoft. This new partnership further demonstrates the power of our GamePrint technology and continues our mission to enable gamers from around the world the ability to purchase customized gaming avatars, wargear, and vehicles that historically only lived in the virtual gaming space,  said Mo Taslaq, Mixed Dimensions CEO.

“Partnering with Ubisoft gives us an amazing selection of gaming platforms that we can leverage to showcase the power of our GamePrint technology and reach new gaming audiences,”  Taslaq added.

“Our players are very passionate when it comes to their favorite Ubisoft icons in game. So we are happy to provide joy to our players by partnering with Mixed Dimensions to provide our fans a way to bring these icons into the real world,” said Robert Donsky, Ubisoft Senior Director of Retail Development.