McLaren 720S Gets Re-Imagined Using 3D Printed Body Panels

Source: 1016 Industries

1016 Industries continues to push the boundaries in automotive design with the unveiling of a McLaren 720S that has been fitted with 3D printed body parts.

The technological advancement follows on from 1016 Industries’ one hundred percent carbon fiber Lamborghini Huracán EVO, which was released earlier this year. Now, the imprint introduces 3D printed parts that directly replace the original panels on the McLaren 720S.

Each piece was produced using 1016 Industries’ Computational Fluid Dynamic process, which sped up the printing process while maintaining a one-to-one scale accuracy. It took a total of 120 hours to completely reprint the car, with all parts being printed in a single pass.

In the future, 1016 Industries hopes to provide direct printing molds for the the care Mand other exotic cars, and also plans to make 3D printed parts for direct purchase. Take a closer look at the 1016 Industries 3D printed McLaren 720S in the gallery above.