KOKONI Launches SOTA Series 3D Printer – Revolutionary Upside-down Design with AI-powered Modeling


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KOKONI, an experienced manufacturer of 3D printers, announces the launch of their latest flagship 3D printer, the KOKONI SOTA. Set to release in April on Kickstarter, this revolutionary printer boasts an upside-down and closed-loop motor design for fast printing with stability and precision of less than 0.1mm, bringing a reinvented product to the existing 3D printer world.

Staying true to its brand tagline – Bringing Your Creativity to Life, KOKONI has spent several years developing an assembly and levelling free 3D printer suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals, to use daily. With KOKONI SOTA, creators can bring their creative visions to life while preserving cherished moments.

“Our team launched our first 3D printer EC1 on Indiegogo in 2022, and we value the feedback from over a few thousand users and backers. With the development of the KOKONI SOTA, we cannot wait to share the result of our dedicated efforts to bring an intelligent consumer-grade 3D printer to the Kickstarter community,” Tianrun Chen, the CEO of KOKONI says.

Key Features

  • Revolutionary Upside-down Design: The KOKONI SOTA comes with a revolutionary upside-down design by securely mounting the most moving parts, such as motors and rails, to the bottom base of the printer, promising an extremely low centre of gravity with a full metal structure. The inverted design brings exceptional stability with close-to-zero vibration.
  • Ultra High-Speed: The SOTA prints with a speed of more than 600mm/s and acceleration of 21m/s², which is 10 times faster than conventional consumer-level 3D printers.
  • Closed-Loop Control: The SOTA features a closed-loop and self-developed intelligent motor, automatically detecting and adjusting positions and errors in real time, ensuring a precision of less than 0.1mm.
  • Embrace Colorful Printing with Different Materials: KOKONI SOTA allows 7-colour/materials printing, including PLA and PETG, during the printing process, bringing you a creative journey with more versatility and flexibility.
  • KOKONI Smart APP & AI Modeling: Once you download the KOKONI App, you can generate a genuine 3D model from a 2D photo in seconds thanks to its intelligent visual AI algorithms. The SOTA preserves special moments for you.
  • Silent Printing: With KOKONI’s self-developed intelligent motor control, the SOTA can significantly reduce vibration, and the noise level can be as low as 30 dB.
  • Assembly & Leveling Free: Thanks to its user-friendly design, KOKONI allows you to start printing right after unboxing the package. It is an assembly-free printer, and there is no need to do manual levelling as well.


KOKONI was founded in 2021 to empower the world’s imagination by providing cutting-edge creative technology and exceptional user experience. To achieve this goal, KOKONI makes continuous efforts at hardware and software innovations. We have successfully taken the first step towards bringing 3D printers to millions of users and their homes at an affordable price.

The team comprises a group of experts specialising in advanced 3D and AI technologies. Most engineers have over 7 years of experience in the 3D printing industry.

In 2022, KOKONI launched the first campaign: a 3D printer with instant AI 3D modelling. We have since received overwhelmingly positive feedback from supporters and the media.

All the crowdfunding orders, totalling over 40,000 printers, have been delivered successfully. KOKONI has established a professional customer support team dedicated to after-sales service.

The KOKONI SOTA 3D Printer is launching on Kickstarter for pre-orders on 25th April and will be available later on the KOKONI website and Amazon.

Official website:  https://www.kokoni3d.com/

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