Kittyhawk is developing an electric aircraft using 3D printing

Kittyhawk is developing an electric aircraft using 3D printing

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Kittyhawk, based in Palo Alto, is working on ground-breaking all-electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. It is intended to be incredibly low-cost, in part by utilizing revolutionary production and material techniques, such as 3D printing.

They are also forming a 3D Printing Research Group to work alongside our core engineering team in Palo Alto to assess and develop 3D printing technologies for electric aircraft and aerospace applications. This group will report to the Kittyhawk CEO and may anticipate the Kittyhawk Chairman to be very interested and involved.

The features of the airplane will be 

The airtaxi will be piloted by a ground operator who will manage many vehicles, allowing to compete on price with ridesharing apps.

Small and peaceful
The commercial model will only feature one passenger seat. That means no sharing a car with strangers. Smaller is also quieter.

Low Price
They are creating an aircraft that can be built at an automotive scale and at an automotive cost. This means that we will be able to provide flight to more people sooner.

Simpler to use
The plane can take off and land in more areas, closer to you, because Kittyhawk vehicles have the smallest footprint of any winged airtaxi in the industry.

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