Jajal Medical, Formlabs and Imaginarium Create a Strategic Partnership Driving Adoption of 3D Printing for Healthcare in India

Jajal Medical, Formlabs partnership

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Jajal Medical, a renowned medical 3D printing company with more than two decades of industry experience, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Formlabs and Imaginarium to revolutionize the healthcare industry through personalized preoperative solutions. This collaboration positions Jajal Medical as Formlabs’ healthcare partner in India, facilitated by Imaginarium, a value-added distributor (VAD) of Formlabs for the Indian subcontinent.

By combining Formlabs’ state-of-the-art 3dprinting technology with Jajal Medical’s digital platform, 3d surgical, this partnership aims to offer end-to-end personalized solutions for complex surgeries. Hospitals and medical institutions will have seamless access to adopt 3D printing into their existing clinical workflows, improving patient care and surgical outcomes.

“We are excited for our partnership with Formlabs. Our deep clinical expertise in Oral Maxillofacial, Head & Neck Oncology, and Revision Arthroplasty procedures, combined with point-of-care 3D printing using Formlabs printers, will truly simplify complex surgeries,” said Ketan Jajal, CEO of Jajal Medical.

Formlabs, with a strong commitment to the healthcare industry, sees this partnership as an opportunity to scale the adoption of 3D printing for healthcare in India.

“The healthcare business is of utmost importance to us, and we believe that this collaboration will empower us to make 3D printing accessible to all in the Indian healthcare ecosystem,” said Michael Agam, APAC General Manager at Formlabs.

Aashay Mehta, Managing Director of Imaginarium, expressed his enthusiasm for building a network of industry leaders to enable an ecosystem of advanced healthcare solutions. “Jajal Medical, Formlabs, and Imaginarium share a common vision of democratizing additive manufacturing, empowering India’s ambitious goals for the healthcare industry”, said Mehta.

The partnership between Jajal Medical and Formlabs represents a significant step forward in leveraging advanced 3D printing technology to enhance patient care and surgical precision in the healthcare industry. By merging expertise, resources, and a shared commitment to innovation, the collaboration promises to reshape the landscape of personalized healthcare solutions in India and beyond.

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