Imaginarium and Formlabs Announce APM as a Value Added Reseller

APM has joined the Formlabs and Imaginarium VAD Ecosystem

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Formlabs and Imaginarium on-boards leaders of domains and industries to become part of the VAD Ecosystem

New Delhi based 3D scanner solution provider, APM has joined the Formlabs and Imaginarium VAD Ecosystem as a value added reseller.

APM, India’s largest 3D scanner solution provider joins the Formlabs Imaginarium VAD ecosystem. The New Delhi Headquartered 3D scanner solution provider, APM has become a value added reseller of Formlabs. Through this new partnership APM will become part of an ecosystem of industry and domain leaders enabling a new age of additive manufacturing technology adoption. APM will be able to utilise Formlabs’ Manufacturing Solutions to cater to a large variety of industries enabling end-use manufacturing of industrial grade parts for industries such as but not limited to automotive, healthcare and aviation. APM has revolutionised the digital, reverse-engineering & 3D scanning adoption in India and is looking to replicate their success with the adoption of additive manufacturing. in India.

The VAD ecosystem enables partners to be able to resolve customer demand for manufacturing across key industries and applications, highlighting key benefits such as but limited to, industrial-grade standards, rapid innovation, material flexibility and on-demand, localised manufacturing. The VAD ecosystem between Imaginarium and Formlabs creates a space for leaders of industry to drive innovation and foster application development for a vast range of industries. With a core ethos of driving the adoption of advanced digital manufacturing, this ecosystem educates, develops and empowers partners to challenge the status quo of manufacturing by providing ground-breaking hardware and software solutions.

Anil Gupta, Managing Director APM has stated, “This association brings together world class products from Formlabs, coupled with extensive knowledge base of additive manufacturing from Imaginarium and more than 23 years of technical expertise and application knowledge of APM in 3D domain which is going to create a never before user experience and delight. APM is very enthusiastic to go to the industry and cater to its additive manufacturing needs knowing well that its customers will be served well in all aspects.”

Imaginarium’s extensive 15+ years of experience in the additive field is propelling India to become a leader in advanced and digital manufacturing. Samkitt Shah, Business Head of Imaginarium Solutions has stated, “We are ecstatic to build a family of industry leaders to enable an ecosystem of advanced industrial-grade, high-value digital manufacturing. APM, Imaginarium and Formlabs are aligned towards a common vision of democratising manufacturing hence, empowering India’s ambition needs.”

Formlabs is the professional 3D printer of choice for engineers, designers, manufacturers, and decision makers around the globe. As a driving force of additive manufacturing adoption across the globe, Formlabs has created an ecosystem of software, hardware and qualified applications for a range of industries. With a material library of over 30 resins and powders, Formlabs caters to a melting pot of industries across the world, ranging from healthcare and dental to engineering and jewellery.

Imaginarium’s vision is focused on evangelising the manufacturing landscape in India; enabling the country to become a powerhouse of advanced manufacturing. To facilitate this vision, Imaginarium is fostering partnerships with leading 3D printer manufacturers across the globe, creating a gateway for innovation and technology-advancement.

To read more about Imaginarium and Formlabs’ offerings, please visit the website here.

To read more about APM, please visit the website here.

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