GKN Additive prepares distribution of AM powders for European market

GKN Additive has identified a high demand for in-stock material for additive manufacturing (AM) in Europe and now prepares to locally produce and warehouse powders through its GKN Additive Materials business segment.

Potential customers often cannot forecast prototyping projects enough to allow for a four to six-week lead time, typically working off one-week powder requests. GKN Additive Materials is warehousing standard AM-powders like 316L, 17-4PH and 20MnCr5 in its facility in Hueckeswagen, Germany. The facility has experience in the delivery of high-quality powders across Europe. In addition to gas and water atomized powders, custom materials developed specifically for customers will be stored in order to be able to ship powders on as needed basis.

GKN Additive, a pioneer in the metal AM market, and GKN Hoeganaes, a producer of high-volume powders for powder metallurgy (PM) and specialized AM powders, merged their expertise to form GKN Additive Materials in Q1/2019. GKN Hoeganaes produces over 300,000 tons of engineered metal powders per year from facilities in Gallatin, TN (USA), Bazhou, China and Buzau, Romania for the PM industry.

The first trials of producing water atomized AM powders in the high-volume Buzau facility to support industry growth have now been completed. Alloys produced during these trials include ANCOR AM 4600 and ANCOR AM DP600, both low alloy steels used in automotive and structural applications. These materials are currently under evaluation by research groups in Europe such as SUPREME, IDAM and several customers in North America. Material is currently available for development activities for LPBF and DED applications.

GKN Additive Materials’ goal is to supply various grades of AM materials to customers in Europe in a timely manner while focusing on water atomized low alloy steels powders to help our customers grow the market for AM produced parts.