First AM Infocast series based on the AM Chronicle Journal

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With articles focusing on varied topics ranging from recent technological advancements covering to futuristic materials being tested, the inaugural issue of the AM Chronicle Journal is definitely a comprehensive one.

To bring more insight to the various stakeholders of 3D Printing across the globe – the first series of the AM Infocast is based on the articles from this issue of newly launched – AM Chronicle Journal. Authors featured in the Journal discuss various aspects of Additive Manfacturing to make this an interesting podcast series.

About AM Infocast

Another Knowledge sharing initiative from the stable of Indian 3D Printing Network, AM Infocast Powered by AM Chronicle is a new podcast channel where, we aim to bring to you just that. Updates, forecasts, news facts directly from the original source. The first series begins on 16th June 2020.

About AM Chronicle Journal

The AM Chronicle Journal is a quarterly technical magazine on Additive Manufacturing and an extension to our media portal This journal aims to be an essential voice for the Indian Additive Manufacturing industry and provide thought provoking content to readers.

The first issue highlights how 3D Printing has come to the rescue against COVID-19 on a global scale by 3D Printing essential medical equipment in record time, thereby reducing the demand and supply gap, considerably. It also highlights new technologies and new material beside giving industry insights.


About Indian 3D Printing Network

Indian 3d Printing Network is a neutral knowledge sharing platform acting as the the one point of contact for the Additive Manufacturing industry in India. The aim of Indian 3d Printing Network is to engage with the AM community on a constant basis and create different modules to catalyse the growth of AM in India. Indian 3d Printing Network has a unique value proposition of providing an unbiased and objective view on the Indian AM industry.

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