Expansion and growth for NeuBeam metal additive manufacturing at Wayland Additive

Calibur3 in action

Calibur3 in action

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Wayland Additive, the developer and manufacturer of the Calibur3 metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems featuring NeuBeam technology, has announced a new expansion that will significantly ramp up its production capabilities.

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Throughout 2022, Wayland Additive has continued a programme of expansion and growth that has seen its premises extended considerably at its headquarters in Huddersfield, UK. The additional facilities include a dedicated production factory, as well as new premises specifically for research and development.

“The new production facilities were commissioned to meet the orders for Calibur3 that the business has secured. The greatly expanded space supports a production line and will ensure that all orders are met,” said Will Richardson, CEO at Wayland. “One of our core principles is to work with partners to maximise the capabilities of Calibur3, particularly with regard to metallurgy and identifying working parameters for metal materials that have previously been difficult to process for additive manufacturing.”

Calibur3 opens up new opportunities for production applications. The high temperature capabilities of the NeuBeam process opens up a wider palette of metal material options. Working with Cailbur3, Wayland is able to qualify materials for metal AM in around six months.

Peter Hansford, Business Development Director at Wayland Additive said: “Calibur3 operates at temperature ranges that many in this industry are not used to. This means that we can process a much wider range of metal materials, including high carbon steels, with much faster development times which is a huge bonus for our clients.”

Hansford added: “Our new and extended research facilities now mean that we can work on multiple material development projects simultaneously, with a fully equipped lab for testing.”

In addition to the physical expansion of the facilities, the workforce at Wayland has also grown this year. Personnel have been added across the business in areas such as research, production, software development, sales and more.

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