Eternha makes high-tech jewelry using composites and SLS technology


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Jewelry brand Eternha chose CRP technology and its Windform GT, a glass fiber reinforced composite material often used to produce highly resistant and advanced applications, to create some of the elements of their men’s bracelet collection. This is an absolute novelty in the jewelry sector

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The jewelry brand company Eternha was founded in 2020 by Stefano Massimiliano Marangoni and Chiara Cistriani. The store was opened on June 25, 2022. Their creations combine traditional materials and craftsmanship of the jewelry industry (natural hard stones and/or precious and base metals) with high-tech polyamide-based composite materials used in some of the most advanced industrial sectors, such as motor sports and aerospace.

“It’s a brand new project, it’s never been done before,” Chiara Chistriani said. “50% of our investment is focused on product quality. The rest is innovation, eco-sustainability and the search for harmony between materials and colors. “

High-tech materials and fashion

It’s a winning combination, completely reinvented in Eternha bracelets thanks to Windform composites.

Stefano Massimiliano Marangoni explained: “Our aim has always been to realize high quality jewellery. Once the level of materials was fixed, we wanted to be innovative; therefore, we decided to insert into our creations some elements made of high-tech material, which, on the one hand, will ensure the exact identity of our bracelets, and on the other hand, will allow everyone to wear something unusual for the world of fashion. “

At this point, there was nothing left but to continue creating bracelets with high-tech inserts. After some unproductive contacts, Chiara and Stefano met with CRP Technology, “an international organization with a historical headquarters in Italy,” Stefano added.

“Once we identified in CRP the right technology provider, we had to find the right material for our purposes; We liked the idea of ​​combining our jewelry with indestructible elements made of material used for extreme and functional applications, something “eternal”. Thanks to the collaboration with CRP Technology, we discovered an exceptional material, a polyamide-based composite material reinforced with glass fibers, developed and manufactured by CRP Technology: Windform GT.”

Shape of the wind GT in the jewelry industry

Windform GT was used to produce, by selective laser sintering or SLS (laser powder fusion technology), some elements for the Eternha’ Aquilha, Falcho, Lupho and Cobrha men’s bracelet models.

“They are small elements – specified Stefano – with a maximum length of about 10-12 mm. Shapes range from parallelepiped to sphere and cylinder, with various graphic designs. And in one case with an engraving of our company logo.”

“Given the very small forms,” ​​Kiara continued, “we had to abandon some ideas and adapt others.” But there is no compromise when it comes to quality. We wanted the top of the high-tech range and we got it with the Windform GT composite material.”

Windform GT is an extremely versatile composite material in terms of performance and aesthetic appeal. In fact, it combines excellent characteristics of elasticity, plasticity and impact resistance with a deep glossy finish after hand polishing. It is also non-conductive, resistant to moisture and liquid absorption and approved for skin contact.

Stefano added: “We wanted to include in our creations one or more elements made from a material used to produce modern, functional applications; a material able to attract customers more by its intrinsic meaning and by the suggestions it evokes than by its excellent mechanical properties.

“We want to enable ordinary people to wear a ‘piece’ of technology that will travel in space, compete in motorsport competitions, improve the quality of life in upcoming applications.”

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