Enable 3D launches Print & Play Construction Company collection with German DIY magazine selber machen

Enable3D Print & Play Collection

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The next generation of young makers and builders will depend on new technologies and tools. In order to introduce children to the technology of 3D printing, a new set of toys enters the market. Eight different tool toys from screwdrivers to shovels aimed at children from two to six years launches this January. The toys are specifically designed to be printed at home and display a very own kind of parent-child project.

Sustainability, collaboration and decentralization – these are the corporate values the Frankfurt based startup Enable 3D is using to enable additive manufacturing for a broad range of users and brands alike. Users can download the templates for each product for free from both the website and 3D printing platforms and produce them themselves on a 3D printer. “This is our first project in the field of toys and we were amazed by the feedback of kids to it. This next generation is naturally interested in new technologies and amazed if they can see how their toys are made right at home. This would have been my very own dream as a kid” says Enable 3D founder Manuel Siskowski.

The project has been developed in collaboration with the German DIY magazine selber machen and will be featured in the February issue of the print magazine. Together with construction expert Stephanie Stefan they have made printing as well as playing tests.

The entire development and presentation of the designs has been done with a newly developed recycled printing material from Amsterdam-based startup Reflow. This bioderived material, recycled from food packaging, comes in different translucent colors. Manuel Siskowski adds “that especially the toy market is flooded with cheap products from virgin plastic shipped around the world. We are excited to offer an alternative from recycled materials with a super-local production right at the user’s home.”

Due to the decentral production approach the designs will be available globally as they only need to be downloaded. Users will be able to access them for free in order to be as accessible as possible despite the economic situation especially in challenging times as these.

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