Desktop Metal Welcomes X-Series Line of AM Systems

Desktop Metal X-Series Printer

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Desktop Metal (NYSE:DM), a global leader in additive manufacturing technologies for mass production, today announced the launch of the X-Series line of binder jet 3D printing systems for metal and ceramic powders in a wide range of particle sizes.


  • Updated line of binder jet 3D printing systems to focus on production of specialty materials, such as ceramics, in addition to metals, with new software capabilities
  • Desktop Metal is now the leader in binder jet 3D printing material offerings, with platforms that produce metal, ceramic, sand, and wood designs
  • Binder jet 3D printing is widely regarded as one of the few area-wide 3D printing strategies capable of delivering the cost and speed required for mass production

Desktop Metal has launched the X-Series line of binder jet 3D printing systems for metal and ceramic powders in a wide range of particle sizes. The three X-Series models include (from left to right) the InnoventX™, X25Pro™, and X160Pro™.

The newly branded Desktop Metal line of printers is derived from the acquisition of ExOne last fall and will soon be offered with Desktop Metal’s build preparation and award-winning sintering simulation software applications. Additionally, the X-Series will now be supported by Desktop Metal’s experienced global support team.

The X-Series line offers a differentiated approach to binder jetting enabled by patented Triple ACT — an advanced compaction technology for dispensing, spreading and compacting powders during the binder jet printing process. This flexible, open material platform architecture is capable of binding together a wide range of powders with a D50 of 3 to 100 microns.

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Desktop Metal now offers three X-Series models:

  • InnoventX™, an affordable, entry-level binder jet system perfect for academic, R&D, and low-volume production applications;
  • X25Pro™, an accessible and productive mid-sized solution already being used for volume production globally, featuring a build box of 400 x 250 x 250 mm (15.75 x 9.84 x 9.84 in); and
  • X160Pro™, the world’s largest metal binder jet system, featuring a build box of 800 x 500 x 400 mm (31.5 x 19.7 x 15.8 in).

“Desktop Metal’s X-Series printers give customers more choices than ever when it comes to binder jet additive manufacturing,” said Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal Co-founder and CEO. “Our team is moving aggressively to drive additive manufacturing into mass production through a focused strategy of production-capable printers, high-performance materials, and key applications. Binder jetting is the key technology that enables all the benefits additive manufacturing has to offer at scale, from reduced waste to more efficient, lower-risk supply chains.”

Binder jetting is widely regarded as the fastest method of metal 3D printing for high-volume output. First patented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by Ely Sachs, a professor of mechanical engineering and co-founder of Desktop Metal, the process prints digital part designs by using industrial inkjet printheads to rapidly deposit binder into a bed of metal, sand, ceramic, or wood particles, creating batches of solid parts, one thin layer at a time.

X-Series printers repeatably deliver tight dimensional tolerances and densities of 97-99% or greater — in line with or surpassing metal injection molding or gravity castings. Surface roughness values as low as 4 µm (Ra) can be achieved directly out of the furnace.

To learn more about the X-Series printers, visit

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