Creality Partners with BASF Forward AM and Launches Professional-grade Sermoon D3 featuring HP-ULTRA filaments

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Creality, a global pioneer in 3D printing, enters a partnership today with Forward AM, the brand of BASF 3D Printing Solutions, to expand professional-grade 3D printing applications. Creality also launches the fully-enclosed FDM 3D printer Sermoon D3 featuring HP-ULTRA, a high-end filament series Creality co-developed with Forward AM specifically designed for Creality 3D printers.

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Creality and Forward AM will leverage each other’s capabilities to jointly develop and promote co-branded filament series including HP-ULTRA PLA and ABS, which the two companies have tested and optimized for the best performance on Creality’s professional-grade 3D printers. The two parties will also work closely to explore innovative additive manufacturing applications in industries including general manufacturing, automotive, medical and education, accelerating the additive manufacturing industrialization.

“BASF is a global giant with profound industry experience in the field of materials, and Creality has long been focusing on 3D printing with a leading influence in the global 3D printing industry,” said Fred Liu, Co-founder and Executive Director of Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology. “The strategic cooperation between the two parties on 3D printing filaments expands the application scenarios of professional-grade 3D printers, and Sermoon D3 is the latest outcome of the cooperation.”

“BASF and Creality are highly compatible in the vision of promoting the industrialization of additive manufacturing, and decided to join hands to enter the professional-grade additive manufacturing market and deliver solutions for professional and industrial clients,” said Dr. Chen Li, Head of Business Management and Operations, BASF 3D Printing Solutions Asia Pacific. “I believe the cooperation will provide clients with more professional, more cost-effective and more widely applied additive manufacturing solutions.”

Sermoon D3 – born for industrial design

Businesses using the traditional method in prototyping and design verification face a long development cycle, high cost, limited choice of materials and material waste due to molding failure. As Creality’s latest effort in the professional-grade market, Sermoon D3 features industrial-grade stability which is tested and certified by Forward AM’s Additive Manufacturing Technical Centre (AMTC), bringing cost-effective 3D printing solutions to professional users and small enterprises.

Taking machinery design as an example, the traditional way takes at least 20 working days to design, review, proof, and modify. However, by utilizing 3D printing technology, users can achieve rapid prototyping in less than 10 working days, shortening the R&D cycle and improving efficiency.

Another pain point businesses face is the limited selection of materials when verifying product design prototypes, which greatly impacts the verification sufficiency and competitiveness of the company. To address this issue, Creality teamed up with AMTC to test more than 20 types of filaments and selected 14 that best fit with Sermoon D3, including high-strength filaments A66, ASA, PC, and wear-resistant filaments PA66-CF, PET-CF. Sermoon D3 is the model that supports the most filament type of all Creality 3D printers.

Specifically designed for the Sermoon D3, HP-ULTRA filament series including PLA and ABS is co-developed by Creality and Forward AM. It is part of Creality’s “Better Filament Plan” to collaborate with market leaders to provide users with high-quality filaments tailor-made for Creality 3D printers. HP-ULTRA has been fully tested by AMTC and Creality Lab on Sermoon D3, meaning users can achieve straightforward print without configuring the printer. HP-ULTRA ABS will be included in the Sermoon D3 package for users as complimentary.

To cater to the needs of scale production, Sermoon D3 offers one-stop solutions: users can connect to multiple Sermoon D3 printers via LAN or Internet, remote control them simultaneously and monitor the printing process through Creality Print or Creality Cloud App on PC or phone. Together with a sizeable 300×250×300mm build volume and up to five times of speed, Sermoon D3 significantly scales up the production in a cost-effective way.

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