APAC Additive Manufacturing Meetup to drive AM growth in the region

APAC Additive Manufacturing Meetup to drive AM growth in the region

The APAC Additive Manufacturing Meetup is intended to drive growth in the 3D printing market. The first event will feature industry leaders from Australia, Korea, India, Japan, and China. Presently, AM users and businesses lack adequate platforms to learn and grow their capabilities to scale Additive Manufacturing across the APAC region. With neighboring countries in APAC interested in collaborating across borders, but with the Coronavirus pandemic putting a damper on collective opportunities, the region has been missing a designated medium for networking and the exchange of ideas. This grassroots initiative was founded by Link3D, led by Janet Kar, SVP Digital Transformation, and Japan country leader, Wataru Nishimura, plus APAC country leaders, including:

  • Australia:  John Croft, Additive Manufacturing Hub Manager at Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited | AM Hub
  • India: Aditya Chandavarkar, Co-Founder at Indian 3D Printing Network & Additive Academy
  • Singapore: Alexander Liu, Head of Additive Manufacturing Programs, Asia at ASTM International CoE
  • South Korea (Interim): Sangmin (Simon) Lee, Regional Director Asia at AM Ventures

“The APAC Additive Manufacturing Meetup can stimulate the manufacturing industries and accelerate AM adoption by bringing more technology awareness and solidarity to the community,” stated Wataru Nishimura

Sessions for the APAC AM Meetup will focus on the current additive landscape per country:

  • The Changing Face of Manufacturing in Australia
  • Get to know India’s Additive Manufacturing Scenario
  • Additive Manufacturing Landscape in Japan
  • State of Additive Manufacturing Industrialization in Singapore
  • New Challenges Facing 3D Printing in China 2021
  • Additive Manufacturing Landscape in South Korea
  • APAC Panel: Explore Additive Manufacturing Opportunities & Trends Across the Asia-Pacific Region

“It is great to be part of this initiative to bring together the APAC AM community to exchange ideas and accelerate adoption of AM in this region. We have been working closely with the Indian AM industry at the Indian 3D Printing Network and we would love to share our expertise and learn from the other regions,” commented Aditya Chandavarkar.

“It is important to increase awareness on how standards can enable an organization to adopt and scale additive manufacturing technologies. This presents an opportunity for businesses in the Asia-Pacific region to utilize standards and improve product quality,” commented Alexander Liu

With the goal to bring additive manufacturing users together across the APAC industry, it will provide an educational, knowledge sharing and community building platform. This can allow 3D printing users to cross-pollinate new opportunities from the comfort of their own homes. APAC AM Meetup is now offering companies(OEMs, service bureaus, and contract manufacturers), vendors (hardware, materials, software, resellers), and academia to reserve a REMO virtual table, so they can have a virtual meeting space to connect with the community.

“Here is an opportunity to listen to some of the AM industry networks and understand how additive manufacturing is being ‘adopted or implemented’ within our APAC Region,” concluded John Croft

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