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Anatomiz3D Responds To COVID-19 Threat By Manufacturing Medical Supplies, Open Sourcing Design

Anatomiz3D incorporates 3D printing technology to assist the healthcare industry, which can easily adapt as per the situation and requirement of various medical procedures. Since its inception, Anatomiz3D has established a firm foundation of customising and equipping with a personalised 3D anatomical models for intricate surgeries. We also make customised titanium implants for neuro and ortho, to name a few among other purposes.

Today, in this crisis, Anatomiz3D has taken an alternate path and leverage its technology to support the frontline warriors, citizens and the people who are in dire need of extra protection kits or parts which are required to stand and be a strong force against COVID-19 virus. Some of the accessories, parts and gears that we have produced and donated are:

  1. Face Shield Mask
  2. Door Handle
  3. Ventilator Splitter
  4. Prusa Splitter

We have also developed some of our inhouse design and made them opensource for others to manufacture.

  1. Ball Valve
  2. Butterfly Valve
  3. Fish Valve
  4. Non-Return Valve

We aim to maximise the protection which can help break the cycle of virus spread and provide necessary medical accessories and parts with which we can assist and help to flatten the virus curve. So far, we have delivered more than 50,000 Pcs of Face Shield Masks, and we could deliver this because of our express logistics department, they are delivering these vital pieces of equipment to all the corners of the nation, and if needed they can transport it to international COVID-19 hotspots.

Our mission is to meet the shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) not only in India but around the world. And, if our narrative can provide these products to the needed population, it may be one of the factors for being triumphant over COVID-19.

For detailed information about the protection equipment, accessories and how these products can help the frontline knights and the society during this crisis, click here. For further assistance/information, email them on

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Firoza Kothari

Co-Founder & CTO - Anatomiz3D Medtech Pvt. Ltd.
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Her role in Anatomiz3D majorly pertains to product development, strategy, pricing and budgets, collaborations, recruitment and employee management, lead to client conversion and management, designing 3D models, spokesperson at various platforms, creating awareness in the fraternity, researching on new upcoming technologies, etc. She has vast experience in converting 2D DICOM CT/MRI/Echo Scans to 3D Printed Products using various combinations of Hardware and Software, across various medical specializations.