AML3D awarded world’s first AM facility accreditation


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AML3D Limited (ASX:AL3) (AML3D or the Company) is pleased to announce it has been awarded the first Additive Manufacturing Facility accreditation with wire-feedstock, from DNV, the world’s leading Marine & Industrial Classification Society. The accreditation encompasses an “Approval of Manufacturer” (AoM) certificate and demonstrates AML3D’s WAM® technology meets the enhanced ‘Class certification’ standards for Integrity and Quality that are applied to critical components in the Oil & Gas and Marine industry.


  • AML3D’s proprietary WAM®, advanced manufacturing technology has received a world first Additive Manufacturing Facility Accreditation from DNV.
  • The accreditation allows AML3D to access DNV’s high value, global customer base as a supplier of ‘Class certified’ steel and nickel aluminium bronze components.
  • AML3D is the first and only AM company globally using wire feedstock to be approved by DNV to ‘class certify’ operationally critical Oil & Gas and Marine AM components1
  • DNV Accreditation aligns with AML3D’s strategy to access immediate term growth from the Marine industry by extending WAM® to high value, class certified parts.

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AML3D is the first wire feedstock based Additive Manufacturing company to achieve this accreditation: Approval to produce Class certified components made of “Steel for hull structure and equipment; Copper alloys for valves, fittings and general applications as per DNV’s rules”1, which operate in extreme load, pressure or corrosive environments. This provides a significant competitive advantage to AML3D as, currently, the only wire-feed additive manufacturer accredited to supply these high value parts to DNV’s global customer base.

AML3D’s DNV accreditation follows the recent announcement of the implementation of the AS9100D:2016 Standard for aerospace components and AML3D’s previous world first wire-arc additive manufacturing facility certification by Lloyd’s Register. AML3D estimates that, in combination, the DNV and Lloyd’s Register’s customer base give the company access to close to two thirds of the global market for high value, class certified, marine components3

The DNV Accreditation closely aligns with AML3D’s growth strategy to increase sales of existing products, access new markets and sales and expand our potential customer base. It also aligns with AML3D’s strategy to focus on enhancing the quality of its products and service to enhance customer satisfaction.

Benefits of DNV Accreditation

  • Advantages and differentiates AML3D when engaging in high value parts tenders
  • Extends the range of contracts and customers AML3D can target in the Maritime, Oil &
    Gas and Navy/Defence Marine organisations
  • Ability to produce high quality parts for use in critical operations within the Marine and
    Oil & Gas industries and issue ‘Class Certification’ for critical components.
  • Extends AML3D’s track record of delivering best in class, high quality and integrity

Commenting on DNV achievement, AML3D Managing Director, Mr Andrew Sales said: “Similar to our Lloyds Register accreditation, DNV Facility Accreditation allows us further access into the Marine markets for high value essential components. DNV offers a broad range of customers including a heavy focus on Oil & Gas sector, a key growth target for AML3D. This accreditation is a game changer for us, in terms of the ability to issue Class Certificates using our WAM process. We’re very excited to have a great relationship with DNV and explore opportunities amongst their customer base.”

This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board of AML3D

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