AM-Studio, A CADS Additive Software, To Integrate With EOS Machines

AM-Studio and AM-Studio for Creo® CADS Additive GmbH’s lean and efficient tools which substantially reduce the time to print to be integrated with EOS metal AM machines.

CADS Additive explains that the well-established, integrated data preparation suite for transferring CAD data in AM-Machine code is already widely incorporated and approved in various design programs. The design workflow of the stand-alone and the PTC Creo® integrated version supports the user and operator interactively on the way to succeeding in ‘First Time Right’ from CAD to part.

The core features of the AM-Studio and AM-Studio for Creo software are highly developed orientation, support and slicing- algorithms which perform under a minimum of controller memory use by a maximum calculation speed.

Rüdiger Herfrid, Product Line Manager Data Preparation of EOS, stated, “With the AM Suite, CADS delivers an Additive Manufacturing software solution based on EOS software that enables a continuous workflow in one single software tool. Import and export of geometry data is no longer necessary and changes can be made at the end of the data preparation workflow.”

AM-Studio with integrated EOSMaterial sets (Courtesy CADS Additive GmbH)
AM-Studio with integrated EOSMaterial sets (Courtesy CADS Additive GmbH)

Herfrid continued, “Customers are more and more asking for integrated solutions that enable a seamless CAD to print workflow. Therefore it was a clear decision to collaborate with CADS to integrate EOSPRINT with the proven EOS exposure strategies directly into AM-Studio.”

Dr. Daniel Stadlmayr, Head of Operations at CADS Additive, commented, “The open software architecture of EOSPRINT has made it very easy for us to integrate the proven exposure strategies with the corresponding parameters directly into our software suite, so that the user does not have to leave the AM-Studio user interface.”

Dr Stadlmayr added, “The direct access to EOS and their highly rated AM equipment is a milestone in our young history and symbolises our success we have already gained in this partly dominated market. Being in a direct partnership with EOS is what makes CADS Additive a unique software solution provider in the AM environment.”