Advanced Laser Materials (ALM) & BASF 3D Printing Solutions Announce Distribution Agreement

Advanced Laser Materials (ALM) & BASF 3D Printing Solutions announced that ALM will distribute four new Forward AM powder solutions for BASF. ALM will sell the materials on behalf of BASF. The new distribution agreement allows BASF to expand the reach of its successful products beyond its 3D printing applications in automotive, aerospace and consumer goods .

ALM specializes in material research, development and consultation for industrial 3D printing and additive manufacturing. It was founded in 2004 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EOS group. ALM has continuously focused on providing customers with application-specific, quality-tested materials and engineering support. ALM offers the largest selection of laser sintering solutions and on-site ability to produce standard and specialized materials.

BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH is a German subsidiary of BASF New Business GmbH. The 3D printing solutions arm focuses on establishing and expanding its business under the Forward AM brand, which covers advanced materials, system solutions, components and services in 3D printing. The company is organized into start-up-like structures to serve customers in the dynamic 3D printing market. The company works with the global research platforms and application technologies of various departments at BASF. It also works with research institutes, universities, start-ups and industrial partners. BASF’s potential customers intend to use 3D printing for industrial manufacturing. Typical industries include automotive, aerospace and consumer goods.

Detail Of A Manufactured Duct. Image - ALM & BASF 3D
Detail Of A Manufactured Duct. Image – ALM & BASF 3D

The partnership promotes Forward AM’s powder solutions, which have high heat deflection temperatures. Each powder also features in-particle fillers to ensure part consistency and create less waste through repeated builds. The three stock materials provided through the partnership are:


  • Ultrasint® PA6 MF, a material of choice for advanced technical applications where properties of mechanically reinforced thermoplastics are needed;
  • Ultrasint® PA6 LM, a special powder material designed to maximize production accessibility to any PBF user; and
  • Ultrasint® PA6 FR, an advanced engineering polymer powder containing a flame-retardant (FR) additive.

Forward AM also plans to release a new dynamic material, Ultrasint® PP nat 01, which harnesses the properties of polyolefins for PBF technologies, delivering the well-known characteristics of polypropylene, such as excellent chemical resistance, ductility and media tightness.

Detail of a spare part produced with BASF powder. Image - ALM & BASF 3D
Detail of a spare part produced with BASF powder. Image – ALM & BASF 3D

The distribution agreement presents opportunities for printing system and materials synergies. EOS, ALM’s parent company, adds value to the distribution partnership because BASF’s materials may be used in EOS machines. The partners note the synergy between EOS’s INTEGRA P450 and Forward AM’s Ultrasint PA6 MF, which will create opportunities to print short-run parts, thereby eliminating tooling costs and reducing overall part cost.