3D Printing COVID-19 Rapid Response Initiative

3D Printing manufacturers are committed to supporting a united front to address shortages and rising demand triggered by COVID-19 to better help efforts that protect the lives of those impacted by this global pandemic.

Support for medical device/equipment manufacturers and hospitals/hospital systems:

The 3DP community is already mobilizing resources to support critical needs. Please see the below profiles for more information.

Join the Initiative:

If you are a 3D printing company, community or platform and would like to join the initiative and be included in the below list, please send an email to:

Open Platforms Connecting Need with Solution Providers:

America Makes

A joint effort with the FDA, NIH, and VA to be the bridge connecting the need for medical PPE with manufacturers capable of 3D printing safe PPE for medical.


A collaborative marketplace that offers approved solutions for fighting the virus, sourced from around the globe, and serves as a space to develop new solutions.

Ongoing 3D Printing Industry Response Efforts to COVID-19:

3D Systems

  • Response activities/products: design files and instructions for validated solutions; printing capabilities for point of care providers, or in partnership with medical equipment OEM’s; customer base in industrial and medical device manufacturing facilities who can make items
  • Manufacturing in: Australia, Belgium, China, France, Italy, Netherlands, UK, USA + customer install base worldwide
  • COVID Response Info


  • Response activities/products: Carbon and its partners are producing PPE for medical workers and patient sampling swabs
  • Manufacturing in: USA
  • COVID Response Info

Desktop Metal

  • Response activities/products: 3D printing and engineering services; 3D printed nasopharyngeal swabs to support testing; ventilator components
  • Manufacturing in: USA
  • COVID Response Info


  • Response activities/products: Access to validated STL files and the global AM community; medical application expertise & research on machines, materials and processes for 3D printing in medical (polymer & metal); global partnerships w/ certified medical device Service Providers; training and consulting expertise – covering part selection, design optimization, certification support and distributed manufacturing
  • Manufacturing in: Europe, USA, APAC
  • COVID Response Info

Fast Radius

  • Response activities/products: A manufacturing innovation and technology company that supports customers across the manufacturing journey, from product design through fulfillment. In response to the pandemic, Fast Radius has allocated R&D and production resources across critical global PPE initiatives, including face shields, face masks, and test swabs.
  • Manufacturing in: On-site additive manufacturing factories in both Chicago, IL and Louisville, KY, USA
  • COVID Response Info


  • Response activities/products: working with health systems, government agencies, medical device firms, and non-medical volunteers to design, prototype, test, and produce 3D printed nasal swabs, ventilation system components, and PPE
  • Manufacturing in: Resins and medical device parts produced in an ISO 13485 certified facility in the US. Additionally, over 3,000 customers in 91 countries, and hundreds of hospitals are printing in-house and as a service
  • COVID Response Info

GE Additive

  • Response activities/products: GE Additive has established a company-wide team to monitor and address the situation. The GE Additive COVID-19 task force has the mission to rapidly design scalable 3D printing applications to support the challenges of the global healthcare industry and front-line workers
  • Manufacturing in: North America and Europe
  • COVID Response Info

HP Inc.

  • Response activities/products: HP and its partners are mobilizing their technology, experience and production capacity to help design, validate and deliver critical parts – including PPE, nasal swabs, hands-free door openers and respirator/ventilator parts. HP is also coordinating with government, health, and industry agencies across countries.
  • Manufacturing in: Spain, USA. HP also has a manufacturing partner network serving the Americas, Asia-Pacific & Japan, and Europe.
  • COVID Response Info

Johnson & Johnson

  • Response activities/products: PPE – targeting N95 reusable respirators & face shields; Diagnostic – 3D printed nasal swabs; Vaccine – COVID-19 vaccine going to human trials in September; Ventilators/Therapy – ventilator splitters, supporting acceleration of ventilator manufacturing & support, & scaling low-cost ventilators
  • Manufacturing in: Ireland, Switzerland, UK, China & USA
  • COVID Response Info

Linde plc

  • Response activities/products: offering combined 3D printing (metal & plastic, design and software) and medical equipment capabilities
  • Manufacturing in: Germany, USA (Indianapolis)
  • For more information:


OC Oerlikon

  • Response activities/products: Oerlikon AM is providing print capacities and support for polymer and metal part production. Especially on the polymer side, we can provide short-term part production (systems and materials from EOS and Carbon in Europe). Orders will be subject to limited liability.
  • Manufacturing in: For 3D metal printing we offer services in US, Europe and China. For polymers we offer services in Europe.
  • General 3DP Info
  • 3DP Requests:


  • Response activities/products: Printing in-house – and through partners – valves, adapters, connectors, splitters, face shields and durable thermoforming tools for faster manufacturing of N95 masks
  • Manufacturing in: Italy
  • COVID Response Info

Royal DSM

  • Response activities/products: DSM and its eco-system partners are mobilizing their material knowledge and technology to help design & production partners to realize critical Covid19 solutions – including mouth masks, face shields, nasal swabs, hands-free door openers and ventilator parts. DSM is also coordinating with government, health, and industry organisations across countries.
  • Manufacturing In: A globally operating company; Production of Resins, Filaments, Granulates and Powders in certified facilities in the US, Europe and Asia.
  • COVID Response Info

Do You Need One of the Below Products/Services? This Community Can Help:

Ventilator/Respirator Components

Hands-Free Door Openers

Masks/Mask Components


Face Shields

STL Files

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