3D Metalforge inaugurates Singapore’s largest FFF 3D printing facility

3D Metalforge

Ultimaker and 3D Metalforge have teamed up to launch an industrial fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing facility in Singapore. The site, reportedly the largest industrial FFF facility in Southeast Asia, comprises 21 Ultimaker S5 3D printers and is capable of 24/7 3D printing.

The new facility will enable Singapore-based 3D printing company 3D Metalforge to meet the growing demand for 3D printed parts from customers across the defense, maritime, medical and oil and gas industries. The company also says it will use its facility to produce parts for COVID-19-related projects. Ultimaker systems were chosen to make up the large fleet for a number of reasons, the most significant of which is Ultimaker’s Material Alliance, which gives 3D Metalforge access to over 45 materials companies and more than 150 materials.

“We deal with clients from blue-chip companies that have stringent criteria on the production of end-use parts. It is thus imperative that we invest in reliable FFF 3D printers that can meet our needs and benchmarking standards,” said Matthew Waterhouse, CEO of 3D Metalforge. “Ultimaker also has an open solution that allows us to work with over 150 materials. This has enabled us to experiment and/or print with the most suitable material, depending on customers’ needs.”

The lights-out 3D printing factory in Singapore also takes 3D Metalforge a step closer to realizing its local, distributed manufacturing vision. Leveraging Ultimaker’s Digital Factory remote fleet management software, the company will have the tools to shift production from Singapore to a soon-to-be-opened facility in the United States to meet customer demand. With the upcoming opening of the second facility, 3D Metalforge aims to operate a more agile and sustainable international supply chain.

“With FFF 3D printing, lead time is often halved, as compared to conventional methods like injection moulding,” commented Benjamin Tan, Vice President of Ultimaker APAC. “This allows companies to have quicker go-to-market strategies. A printed prototype also allows close examinations for modifications, and customisations before embarking on mass-printing. This helps companies save costs before committing to bulk print orders. We are confident that Ultimaker is well-poised to support 3D Metalforge’s journey in FFF 3D printing.”

In addition to opening the new FFF 3D printing factory, 3D Metalforge has announced it is looking to hire eight trainees from the SGUnited Traineeships Programme in addition to four new engineers. In other words, as the company’s capacity grows to meet customer demand, it is also seeking to grow its team.

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