X marks the spot – find ideal process parameters for your metal AM parts

Laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) is a highly versatile additive manufacturing (AM) technique for producing complex metal components direct from CAD, without expensive tooling and with minimal waste. The choice of processing parameters used to melt and solidify the metal powder is fundamental, as the thermal history of the alloy affects both its integrity and its strength. Selecting parameters that suit the material in question and the specific component to be built are critical to success, particularly in series production applications.

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About the author

Marc Saunders

Marc Saunders

Marc Saunders is the Director - Global Solutions Centres at Renishaw. Establishing a global network of Additive Manufacturing Solutions Centres, helping customers to deploy Renishaw's innovative 3D printing technology (laser powder-bed fusion) to produce complex and/or unique, fully-dense metal components. The Solutions Centres offer both part production and 'incubator cells' for process development, combining Renishaw's expertise in additive manufacturing, precision machining and metrology. P&L responsible for additive manufacturing services and supply of qualified materials to users of Renishaw’s additive manufacturing machines.