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Women’s Day Special – Women Of The Indian 3D Printing Industry

It may not sound or feel significant, but highlighting women’s brave efforts in the male dominated tech and related industries is much overdue. In my personal opinion, women are key in making India reach the top of the ease of doing business index. How, do you ask? Its simple! 3D Printing is now picking pace in India as a viable and quicker alternative to traditional manufacturing. However, these women realised its potential early on and it is their foresight and their ability to lead by example that will make a major contribution in taking this industry to its maximum potential. Read on!

Nidhi Shah – Managing Director [Voxeljet India]

Nidhi Shah - Managing Director [Voxeljet India]

When India was taking baby steps in technological growth, Nidhi Shah was already thinking 3D Printing. She started her career in 3D Printing with Imaginarium back 2009 and in a short span of 7 years rose to the managing director level at Voxeljet India (a Voxeljet AG subsidiary). Nidhi Shah earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics degree from Pune University.

Firoza Kothari РCo-Founder & CTO [Anatomiz3D]

Firoza Kothari - Co-Founder & CTO [Anatomiz3D]

Want to know how innovation is linked to growth? Then follow Firoza Kothari’s career. A prominent name in the medical 3D Printing fraternity, Firoza worked with a diagnostics company after completing B.Tech in Biotechnology engineering. However, within 6 months she came across 3D Printing and realising its potential for medical applications, became a part of a 3D Printing company, SAHAS Softech LLP. In April 2015 she and her team executed their first case, in Paediatric Cardiology, which also turned out to be the first case in the country. She then co-founded Anatomiz3D, a medically driven 3D Printing company, in 2016, Firoza in a short span of 4 years has over 800 success stories to share. She is also the winner of Forbes 30 under 30.

Priyanka Nadig – Sr. Technical Lead (Metal AM) [Cyient]

Priyanka Nadig - Sr. Technical Lead (Metal AM) [Cyient]

An engineer at her core, Priyanka has been mostly associated with material research. However, upon encountering 3D Printing at Intech DMLS, she took a course on the technology from the prestigious MIT. Today, she works at one of the biggest global engineering conglomerates, Cyient as a metal additive manufacturing expert.

Pooja Laddipeerla – Design Engineer [Cyient]

Pooja Laddipeerla - Design Engineer [Cyient]

A young design prodigy, Pooja Laddipeerla made it into the world of 3D Printing right out of college, by repurposing her design skills and gaining CAD skills for this technology. She also took a course in Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design & Production from MIT. She too, works at Cyient as a DfAM and 3D Printing process expert.

Ayushi Bhan – Account Manager [Materialise]

Ayushi Bhan - Account Manager [Materialise]

For an industry to grow, sales and marketing is as important as technological advancement. And that’s where Ayushi Bhan comes in. Armed a degree in Biotechnology engineering, Ayushi heads medical application sales & marketing in India and the subcontinent at Materialise, a global conglomerate in 3D Printing services & software solutions.

To conclude, women are making their mark on multiple fronts in the Indian 3D Printing Industry including tech., design, marketing, & so on and these women exuberate foresight and are some of the first to foray into 3D Printing technology.

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