Interview – Discussing Potential of Additive Manufacturing with Stephan Kühr, 3YOURMIND

Discussing Potential of AM with Stephan Kühr, 3YOURMIND
In this interview, founder and manager Stephan Kühr of 3YOURMIND explains his perspective on the biggest potentials for improving additive manufacturing.


The company 3YOURMIND GmbH focuses on efficient workflows in additive manufacturing. On their web platform, users can first do a plausibility check for their 3D construction, then look for a suitable manufacturing services provider. Corporations use the founders’ services as well so as to manage their additive manufacturing for several locations. In this interview, founder and manager Stephan Kühr explains his perspective on the biggest potentials for improving this young technology.

Not all readers know 3YOURMIND GmbH. Could you give a brief introduction to your company?

Stephan Kühr: Sure. We started 3yourmind in 2013 as a project at Technische Universität Berlin, and in 2014, we officially founded our GmbH. At the beginning, there were three of us. By now, we have grown, and today, we have 35 employees. From the very beginning, we focused on software tools that analyze 3D files, and on workflow management in the additive process chain.

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