Now Copper Can Be Used As A 3D Printing Metal

3D printing technology was revolutionary when it was first introduced to industrialists and scientists. This was a boon for engineers and developers as it was now possible to create more sophisticated pieces of equipment and prototypes with ease and precision in terms of specifications. Earlier, there was no guarantee that the finished product would be satisfactory. 3D printing technology revolutionised the way of creation.

When the option of metal was added to the 3D printing material, there was a whole new addition to the level of innovation engineers could achieve.

Copper as a 3D printing metal

3d printing technology might have been path-breaking but each technology has it’s limitations and in the case of metal 3D printing some metals couldn’t be used. Copper was one such metal. Given the commonality of copper in engineering instrumentation, 3d printing some of the most common tools used in various engineering related professions was not achievable.

US-based company Markforged has offered innovative solutions in this area and added a full copper printing option with their Metal X 3D printer. Metal X 3D printer has already garnered some appreciation among developers due to the long list of metals it is compatible with.

With copper in picture now, the application options have exponentially increased from manufacturing standpoint as everything from our cars to our lighting needs uses copper. It is now possible to design electrically working pieces of equipment using a simple metal 3D printer.