Pioneers of Metal Additive Manufacturing in India

Intech DMLS has been a pioneer and visionary leader in Metal Additive Manufacturing in India. Sridhar Balaram, MD, Intech DMLS shares his insights.

Intech DMLS has been a pioneer and visionary leader in Metal Additive Manufacturing in India. Backed by a creative design team, meticulous analysis team, dedicated machine shop, accurate post processing facility and extremely competent quality control services, they offer an end-to- end service in the Additive Manufacturing space. We can got an opportunity to interact with Sridhar Balaram, MD, Intech DMLS to get some insight into their success and their views of the industry.

Mr Sridhar Balram, MD, Intech DMLS
Mr Sridhar Balaram, MD, Intech DMLS

Indian 3D Printing Network: What were the challenges of the journey so far at Intech DMLS?

Sridhar Balaram: Just in recent years, the industry has realized the true potential of AM and this is made possible due to the extensive work that we had put into research and development. The prominent challenges in the journey so far have been in understanding the technology to a greater extent where we had to pave our own paths and forward the industry by developing new innovative processes and products. Apart from that, we had to invest time in educating the customers on the viability of the technology, constantly engage them and educate them on the benefits. In the past years AM was confined to prototyping, now the industry had moved towards the batch production. With the help of extensive knowledge that we have gathered since the establishment of the company and with the current R & D department in place, we are looking at mass production in the near future.

I3DPn: Metal Additive Manufacturing technology is now stabilizing. Are new customers’ expectations becoming more realistic?

SB: I believe all customers, from all industry and verticals, are becoming more aware of the flexibility and advantages AM technology has to offer. Be it in design or light weighting or cost in terms of no tool etc.
Also, AM technology itself is evolving at a rapid phase and it’s making everyone look at it as a solution to their everyday production. With the unique & specialized solutions that we have developed, we are able to meet the customer expectations by competing against conventional manufacturing cost.

I3DPn: What are the key areas, an end user evaluate before choosing a suitable Metal Additive Manufacturing service bureau?

SB: Being fair even to new startups in the Metal Service bureau, the technology needs deep understanding and set of key skills. Customer will most probably look for the company old or new who have acquired that intensive knowledge and skills sets and which is capable enough to provide end to end solutions at a competitive conventional manufacturing cost.

I3DPn: Which application areas do you see Metal AM making inroads into the future in India?

SB: Metal AM is going to play a major role in the Space, Aerospace and Medical sector. With further advancements in AM technology, more players in the Aerospace sector will start to explore AM. AM offers a huge scope of customization for Medical devices & Implants and the integration of AI for bionic applications. Other areas include General Engg and Automotive industries that will keep playing a crucial role as well.

I3DPn: What areas would you like the Indian 3D Printing Network to work on to make it a more credible platform for the industry

SB: Media Agencies and other platforms that are pushing this industry forward need to get together and work closely. Reduce the hype and promote realistic perspective on the capabilities of this technology. A key core relationship needs to be built between the industry, institutes and the government too. I believe we as Indians should put an effort in working together towards R & D and will definitely achieve new heights with our wit and hard work.

About Sridhar Balaram, MD, Intech DMLS

Sridhar Balaram, MD, and Founder of Intech DMLS. India’s largest commercially available metal additive manufacturing facility in India.  He is a forward thinker and an entrepreneur driven by technology with a holistic approach in order to revolutionize manufacturing through Innovative solutions and AM technology. At Intech, they provide customers with end to end solutions from Design, Development & Validation of Product starting from a digital file to a fully functional 3D printed metal parts. They developed India’s first 3D Printed “Micro-Jet Engine” which was launched at  AERO INDIA 2017, Bangalore and also came up with innovative software and hardware products for Metal 3D Printing Industry. He also successfully established another group of companies for a strong support platform. Galvano, an Alloy Steel foundry, integrated with a full-fledged Induction hardening and CNC machine shops in Bangalore, India. Supplying machined castings and assembled products to the earth moving equipment manufacturers like Komatsu, Kobelco, JCB, Hyundai and Volvo …since 1995. Established Castcraft, a Hydra – pneumatic actuator firm producing actuators for the oil & gas applications and serving customers like Mokveld, Actuant and Emerson…..since 2003. Co-founded Sahir Projects, which is a unique combination of engineering skills, domain experience, and application know-how. They provide cost-effective business & technical solutions and services to manufacturing enterprises of varying business footprint, across the globe. He is a philanthropist, working towards making education an easy access to every child. He is consistently involving himself in encouraging schools and institutes to adopt new technologies and promote STEM among students. He is running an academy by name Balsam Academy from 2006 onwards and established a vocational training center in Ranipet.

Inside 3D Printing Mumbai later this year on 19-20 December 2018 will focus on the various aspects of Metal Additive Manufacturing.

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