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Empowering Businesses, Building Sustainable Growth With 3D Printing

Touted as one of the key pillars of Industry 4.0, 3D printing technology is now an essential part of progressive business solutions and processes. It is where IT merges with manufacturing, culminating in digital manufacturing.

Businesses that have adopted 3D printing, have reported a reduction in costs by as much as 90% and a decrease in delivery time by as much as 90% too. This means that employees can use the time to focus on the work that really matters on hand. For the case of the research and development (R&D) team, it means the ability to produce rapid prototypes

Global statistics have shown that 3D printing is used extensively in the automotive, manufacturing , Aerospace and Construction. Prototype improvement and innovations are two key areas in which 3D printing are commonly used for.

At Ultimaker, they believe in innovating every day, and creating magic. Most of all, they believe in establishing new applications that open up limitless possibilities. Ultimakers latest and most powerful products to date, the S5 Pro Bundle and the S3, were developed to empower designers, engineers and scientists with these capabilities in mind.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle comprises of the award-winning Ultimaker S5, the Material Station and the Air Manager.

The Material Station is a 6-spool pre-feeder with humidity control that automatically switches between materials . It helps to push the Ultimaker S5 to a new level of productivity and consistency. It boosts and simplifies the 3D printing workflow, while delivering a more efficient and reliable solution for material handling and storage.

The Air Manager is  a top enclosure with a material matching adaptive EPA filter ,fully integrated into the MaterialsPrint Profiles. Air flow is completely controlled, ensuring the right build volume temperature. It fully encloses the build chamber to create an inside-out airflow and filters up to 95% of all ultra-fine particles (UFPs). This integrated solution results in higher print qualities and a safer work environment offering peace of mind when printing with an extended range of materials.

Ultimaker S5 together with the Material Station and Air Manger is a power-packed device

Companies that are already harnessing the benefits of 3D printing, and are now looking to scale up their operations, should consider setting up multiple 3D printers for higher productivity. Since 3D printers are networked devices, they can be easily grouped and categorised for printing, queuing and analytical purposes. This allows greater flexibility in planning and scheduling for printing and maintenance.

For instance, the Ultimaker S3 which delivers high-quality, composite-ready performance, in a small footprint, can be used for product research or development, while the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle can be used to print more objects of varying materials, without air quality concerns. This frees up the other printers and streamlines the product development process, reducing the time to market.

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