AM Chronicle launches Additive Manufacturing Research Connect

AM Chronicle launches Additive Manufacturing research connect

AM Chronicle Editor

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AM Chronicle launches an initiative – Additive Manufacturing research connect for academicians and researchers to showcase their work to foster industry researcher Connect leading to collaborations and a conducive Additive Manufacturing ecosystem. 

More about the Initiative 

To foster the growth of Additive Manufacturing worldwide, it is critical that a bridge is developed between the research in the lab and the technology provided by the industry. We at AM Chronicle have attempted to provide a platform which will foster better industry and research connect with the Additive Manufacturing Research Connect series.

We invite researchers from around the globe working on cutting edge Additive Manufacturing research to register for this initiative by filling a simple form. Post registration, the AM Chronicle team will share the required content format for the researched to share including the basic information of their research and the support they need from the industry. Selected articles will be published on the AM Chronicle platform, which allows the researchers to connect with industry professionals and also be featured in the weekly AM Chronicle newsletter.

Benefits for the researchers:

– Showcase their research summary and its benefits to the industry in a simple format
– Potential interaction with industry upon publishing their work.
– Opportunity to publish their technical articles on

Benefits to industry:

– Opportunity to connect with researchers around the world and understand their expertise
– Keep updated with latest research and development work
– Opportunity to solve existing industrial problems and create innovative solutions

About AM Chronicle

AM Chronicle is a 360° Digital Platform providing knowledge sharing and business networking opportunities for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry. We keep you updated with the Global AM and 3D printing trends with a special focus on the fast moving India, APAC, Middle East and Africa regions. #3dprinting #additivemanufacturing #India #APAC #Middleeast #Africa

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