3D printing in healthcare – Applications and Current Scenario In India

The applications and benefits of 3D printing aka Additive Manufacturing (AM) in health-care settings are well known and have been proved in many isolated case studies and stories. Still apart from a few rare instances, there has not been much enthusiasm about this disruptive technology in Indian healthcare industry. I know this from my personal experience as a active provider of tertiary healthcare service in the capital city and as well from the numerous personal and professional interactions with the industry experts.

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About the author

Vasanthakumar Venugopal

Vasanthakumar Venugopal

Dr. Vasanthakumar Venugopal is a medical doctor who is a specialist radiologist. After his MBBS and MD in Radiology, he worked as an assistant professor at Maulana Azad medical college. Currently he is a consultant radiologist with Mahajan Imaging, New Delhi. He is one of the founding members of the 3D printing special interest group of Radiological society of North America. He is actively involved in framing the appropriateness criteria for 3D printing in medical sub specialities. He has professional software and hardware training on Additive manufacturing.