3D Printing for education

3D printing is a new and exciting technology that enables learning by designing and making a real object, an object we can touch and feel. We can design practically anything and create the most incredible objects with only imagination being the limit. This can be used in virtually all fields and this can revolutionize our education system.

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About the author

Anant Bhat

Anant Bhat

Anant Bhat is a passionate educator and a 3D printing enthusiast with a strong engineering background. He earned a BE(Civil) degree from VJTI, Bombay University. He began his career as a structural engineer and later moved into IT. He worked in IT for over 20 years and has also been an entrepreneur. He believes learning is a lifelong process and we should share our learnings. He has been coaching his kids, classmates, colleagues whenever required.

He is currently pursuing 3D printing and has published an online course on Udemy: ‘3D Printing – in a nutshell’. He is also a writer and a blogger. He is now focused on creating and conducting online and classroom courses in the 3D Printing domain.