3D Systems Supports Tata Technologies MOU with Uttar Pradesh


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Today the honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath, addressed the audience at the MOU signing ceremony between Tata Technologies and the Government of Uttar Pradesh. As per the MOU, Tata Technologies will upgrade 150 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) across Uttar Pradesh into technology hubs by deploying technologies like 3D printing, CNC machining, robotics, IoT, etc. along with teaching staff and curriculum as a turnkey project. 3D Systems is an part of Tata Technologies for the project related to additive manufacturing.

During his speech, the honourable Chief Minister mentioned an incident at an airport where he met a group of young men from Uttar Pradesh flying out to another country first to get trained in advanced manufacturing technologies after which they hoped to find jobs there. For decades Uttar Pradesh has been a labour-exporting state. The lack of manpower skilled in advanced manufacturing technologies discourages Indian and foreign companies from making it a preferred choice to expand their manufacturing operations.

The project costing Rs 5,473 crore ($67 million) entails an investment of Rs 4,283 crore ($52 million) by Tata Technologies led industry consortium and Rs 1,190 crore ($15 million) by the Uttar Pradesh state government. 3D Systems is honoured to be the Additive Manufacturing technology partner of Tata Technologies for this project.

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