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Thyssenkrupp Develops 3D Printed Burner Nozzles For High Temperature Environment

The team at Thyssenkrupp AM TechCenter (Asia Pacific) has successfully developed 3D printed burner nozzles suitable for use in prolonged high temperate environments where the operating temperature is in excess of 1000 degree C. This was made possible by custom formulation of heat resistant steel.  Benefits include dramatically faster fabrication times, 20% material reduction as well as increased corrosion resistance.

In discussion with AM Chronicle, Kenlip Ong, Head of TechCenter Asia Pacific said, “The burner nozzle is the first of many parts that the TechCenter is working to develop. It showcases the differentiated capabilities of materials development, application requirements and AM design expertise all coming together to deliver a successful outcome.”

Potential Applications and Industries of the Burner Nozzles

The burner nozzle is part of the POLFLAME burner, which is part of the furnace system in a Thyssenkrupp designed cement plant. The unique patented burner design assures a high and precisely adjustable supply of oxygen to the heart of the flame. This guarantees good ignition and burnout of the different fuels. The flame shape can be infinitely varied within broad limits during operation of the burner by means of the unique nozzle adjustment system. The design of the nozzle adjustment system and of the burner tip ensures that this adjustment functions reliably even after a lengthy period of operation.

The nozzles have to perform reliably for prolonged periods of operation in temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees C. In addition the environment is also very corrosive. As such, the formulation of the AM  material had to withstand these two harsh requirements. Much effort was spent in materials development to produce the optimum formulation. Engineers at Thyssenkrupp TechCenter (Asia Pacific) worked closely with their German counterparts to optimize the design and post-processing requirements of the part.

Beyond the cement industry, the nozzles have broad application into the mining, oil & gas industries as well.


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