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Doctors Are Overworked; A 3D Scanner Can Help!

Case Study: introducing the Calibry 3D scanner into workflow of an orthopedic clinic to decrease physician workload. In short: A German clinic asked Phoenix GmbH & Co. for a solution to automate orthosis production in order to minimize the doctor’s […]

NIVEA shower gel refill station project utilises 3D Printing for success

Refill instead of throwing away – that’s the idea behind the first refill station by German skincare manufacturer Beiersdorf for NIVEA shower gels. They are on a mission to minimize, slow down, reduce, and close its material cycles. with a […]

Sandvik manufacturers 3D printed titanium motor nodes for e-bikes

Lighter, more cost-efficient, and “quicker to manufacture” 3D printed motor nodes made with titanium, making e-bikes more energy efficient and durable – with increased performance and longer life-time as a result. Motor nodes are one of the hardest parts to […]

Amplifying Additive’s Potential in Orthopedics

Biomedical engineer and an early additive technology proponent, Brian McLaughlin is passionate about the potential of electron beam melting (EBM) for orthopedics implants. His company Amplify Additive has quickly become a leader in the market thanks to a combination of […]

Thyssenkrupp Develops 3D Printed Burner Nozzles For High Temperature Environment

The team at Thyssenkrupp AM TechCenter (Asia Pacific) has successfully developed 3D printed burner nozzles suitable for use in prolonged high temperate environments where the operating temperature is in excess of 1000 degree C. This was made possible by custom […]

IFB home appliances improved functionality using FDM technology

IFB Industries Limited, originally known as Indian Fine Blanks Limited, started their operations in India in 1974 in collaboration with Hienrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. IFB’s product range includes fine blanked components, tools and related machine tools like straightness, decoilers, […]

Rebuilding components with Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing can be applied to many cases, including the reproduction of broken or worn components, whose spare parts are difficult to obtain or no longer available. Circumstances like these are even more and more frequent nowadays; the impossibility or delays […]

Supreme Industries Speeds the Development Cycle with 3D Printing

Founded in 1942, Supreme Industries Limited (Supreme) is a leader in India’s plastics industry. The company handles a volume of over 320,000 tons of polymers annually, which makes it the country’s largest plastic processor. Supreme offers a wide range of […]

Professional 3D Printing and Windform® composite materials used in the manufacturing of two innovative aero-elastic wind tunnel demonstrators

CRP Technology collaborated with the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of the Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) on the construction of parts for the aeroelastic wind tunnel demonstrators for “Aeroelastic Flutter Suppression (AFS)” e “GLAMOUR” projects. The AFS project was […]

Using SLS to develop an IoT Calibration Device.

Objectify Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, was founded in 2013 at SIIC, IIT Kanpur. Being, India’s first metal and polymer solution provider under one roof, Objectify offers services with Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Selective Laser Sintering, Vacuum Casting and CNC Machining. […]

Industry: Beta LAYOUT – Multi-dimensional circuit carriers using additive manufacturing

At the beginning of 2016, many people were writing about the end of Moore’s Law, anticipating that the performance of computer chips would no longer be doubling every two years.

7Kg sacral tumour – Surgery planned using Medical AM

A 35 yr old male patient presented to Dr. Suman Byregowda, Ortho-Onco Surgeon, Narayana, Hrudayalaya, India, with complaints of 20 cm mass in gluteal region for the past 4 years. He could not sleep or sit because of swelling.

Printomake is Stretching Imaginations through 3D Printing—DAKINI

Overview We were set on a journey to think outside the box when it came to tireless cars that can fly. With this transportation design project, we put together an amazingly detailed futuristic concept car through 3D printing.  

Instrumental Advancements

We can observe finer details in the printed parts, identify design errors earlier and ensure best-in-class products for our customers in half the time and cost.
– Neeraj Jain, Labomed

Groundwork For Future

3D printing has become an indispensable tool for enlightening young minds to invent, explore and to innovate the next breakthrough. This technology aids the learning process significantly.

Dr. Y Ravi Kumar,
Coordinator, M.Tech (Additive Manufacturing) Program & In-charge, Rapid Prototyping
Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Warangal

Geared for Growth

Premium Transmission Ltd. (Premium), part of the industrial conglomerate Thapar Group, has strived to produce first-class mechanical power transmission products since 1961. Premium produces high-quality gearboxes, geared motors, fluid couplings and other machinery components in four manufacturing plants across India, and serves the global engineering industry, particularly in Australia, South Africa, Middle East Asia, North America and Europe.

Imaginarium Life – Kidney

A patient suffering from advanced renal cancer needed to undergo a complex and delicate surgical procedure. This required the removal of a tumor that was present in the upper cortex of the kidney and even a slight miscalculation could lead to complete renal failure. This could only be done with the help of an exact model of the kidney that segmented crucial veins and arteries. The doctors approached Imaginarium to collaborate with them to create the model.

Imaginarium Precious – Dandi March

Recreating history: A walk to remember

The responsibilities involved printing statues of all 80 marchers in different sizes and materials, to be used as a memento, or placed in the museums dedicated to the march. All the statues had to be miniaturised so as to be able to be put in the frame. With a requirement of high details on the faces and the delicacy of the statues, it was not possible to manufacture them using traditional casting processes. This challenge was now presented to imaginarium.

Imaginarium Rapid – MP Tourism Ad

Giving life to a forgotten technology: Bringing back memories from the future

For Ogilvy & Mather to execute an advertisement for Madhya Pradesh Tourism, conceptualised by Hungry Films, the challenges were many. Tin, spring wound toys are no longer created, especially for such a customised and detailed requirement. No manufacturer was ready to adjust their production to accommodate the production of a small number of individual pieces with a high level of precision in a short span of time. The material in which the toys were to be created needed to be suitable for post processing. This case, with such intense requirements was presented to Imaginarium to bring in a futuristic solution.