Author - Alejandro Cervantes Herrera

Alejandro Cervantes HerreraAdditive Minds Consultant EOS
Alejandro Cervantes Herrera joined EOS in 2016. As a member of the Additive Minds consulting team at EOS, he is the team coordinator of Design Engineering consulting at the EOS headquarters in Krailling. Together with his team, he is supporting international customers with consulting and engineering across industries, helping customers on developing applications suitable for AM by redesigning and optimizing parts according to given requirements. Alejandro has been in Additive Manufacturing since 2013 and brings a lot of experience in aerospace structural design and simulation with a special focus on lightweight structural optimization of aircraft and spacecraft components. Prior to joining EOS, he supported several customers in the aeronautics industry in Europe, such as Airbus A350 Optimization Center, Airbus AM Research Centers, Rolls Royce, etc. He also worked on several projects for European Space industry such as RUAG Sentinel 1-B Satellite antenna bracket. Alejandro graduated with honors in Mechanical Engineering in 2011.