GE Aviation and Tamil Nadu state collaborate to undertake additive manufacturing research


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GE Aviation and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) will work together on aerospace research and development. The two have established a “Centre of Excellence” in the south Indian state that will focus on additive technologies, according to GE Aviation.
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The pair has previously signed a memorandum of understanding related to the project in 2021. Over five years, the pair plan to invest Rs.1.4 billion ($18.3 million) in the centre.
As for specific components, the center will focus on compressor heat exchangers, combustor components, casings, frames, gears, and splines. GE Aviation has extensive work in India. In February it signed a five-year contract with Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) to develop and supply ring forgings for GE’s commercial and military engine programs. In addition, its F404 engine powers the TEJAS Light Combat Aircraft, and its F414 will power the developmental Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft.

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