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Episode 5 – AM Beyond The Hype With Abhinav Singhal

Nothing captures the human collective imagination quite like emerging technology. Come 2020 we practically hear or read about a new technology everyday. But how much of it is actual viable technology and how much of it is hype is hard to say.

3D Printing too has seen its fair share of hype. 7 years ago in his 2013 state of the Union address, Former President of the United States, Barack Obama said 3D Printing has the potential to revolutionise the way we make almost everything. While the statement is legitimate but we are far from achieving a complete overhaul in manufacturing from traditional to 3D Printing. According to the Gartner hype cycle 2019 for 3D Printing, we are still years away from 3D Bioprinted organ transplants or miniaturising 3D Printing to a nano level. But for a technology this new, growing at 25% per annum accounting for around $ 14 billion spend in 2019 is an impressive feat.

Our guest in today’s episode analyses the technology’s performance so far minus the hype and has practical tips for those who want to adopt this amazing viable technology in their supply chain.

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About Abhinav Singhal

Mr. Singhal is the chief strategy officer Asia Pacific at Thyssenkrupp. He is also the Director of Thyssenkrupp Innovations which is responsible for Additive Manufacturing across Asia Pacific region. Prior to joining Thyssenkrupp, Mr. Singhal worked at Dell Technologies and McKinsey & Company for several years. Mr. Singhal has a Gold Medal Bachelors degree in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Varanasi and a Gold Medal MBA in Finance & Strategy from XLRI, India. Welcome to AM Infocast Abhinav

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Abhishek Gokarn

Abhishek Gokarn

Head - Marketing at Indian 3D Printing Network. Communications is an integral part of an organisation. It is the image an organisation portrays to the intended target audience. Understanding the immense responsibility this puts on me and deliver accordingly has always been and will continue to be my objective.