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Episode 1 – First Do No Harm, With Deelip Menezes

This being the very first podcast series of AM Infocast is an extension to the inaugural edition of The AM Chronicle Journal. The 5 episode conversational series will host authors from the Journal.

While 3D Printing is a truly amazing technology and has come to the rescue of the medical industry by printing necessary medical equipment which was otherwise in short supply globally due to the coronavirus pandemic, not many have asked the inescapable questions – are these equipments safe? have they gone through rigorous testing? have all guidelines been followed and all prerequisites been honoured while 3D Printing these supplies?

Episode 1 is about asking the inescapable questions when 3D Printing medical supplies during an emergency situation – questions which are seldom asked.

Mr. Deelip Menezes, MD – 3D Systems India addresses these very concerns in this episode.

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About Deelip Menezes

Mr. Deelip Menezes is an entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience in building and running Additive Manufacturing related technology companies, two of which were acquired by 3D Systems in 2011. Subsequently, he created and headed their subsidiary in India. Building engineering software and hardware teams, expanding 3D printer and 3D software sales channels, building a service team to grow sales, enhance customer experience and strengthen customer confidence are some of his noteworthy achievements.

About AM Infocast

Another Knowledge sharing initiative from the stable of Indian 3D Printing Network, AM Infocast Powered by AM Chronicle is a new podcast channel where, we aim to bring to you just that. Updates, forecasts, news facts directly from the original source. The first series begins on 16th June 2020.

About the author

Abhishek Gokarn

Head - Marketing at Indian 3D Printing Network. Communications is an integral part of an organisation. It is the image an organisation portrays to the intended target audience. Understanding the immense responsibility this puts on me and deliver accordingly has always been and will continue to be my objective.