Business Innovation In 3D Printing

Business Innovation Through Technology – With Gil Lavi

Supply chain risk reduction, on-demand localised manufacturing thereby reducing storage and transport cost, re-design for better performance & cost reduction and so on. Advantages of adopting 3D Printing are innumerable and that is what drives business innovation.

Get to know the how and why of the above statement in this episode, as Mr. Lavi talks about business innovation through consultation for optimal adoption of 3D Printing.

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About Gil Lavi

Mr. Gil Lavi is a 3D Printing Industry pioneer from Israel, who championed the business solutions set up for 3D Printing with not one but two intiatives. 3D Alliances – a consulting company that supports the world’s most innovative hardware and software 3D printing startups to expand their business globally and 3D Evaluate – an online platform that connects buyers of industrial 3D printing systems and OEM’-s/resellers of professional solutions.

Prior to that Mr. Lavi had worked with a few big names of the industry including Stratasys, Makerbot and BigRep.

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Abhishek Gokarn

Abhishek Gokarn

Head - Marketing at Indian 3D Printing Network. Communications is an integral part of an organisation. It is the image an organisation portrays to the intended target audience. Understanding the immense responsibility this puts on me and deliver accordingly has always been and will continue to be my objective.